Welcome to Get My Vet a Job, the “Solutions” website designed for Veterans, Military Members, and Military Family. It is more than just a job, it is about solutions on how to obtain a job. Get My Vet a Job has the unique and intimate knowledge in understanding the needs of Corporate America and the needs of Veterans.

Approximately 300,000 Active Military Members will be separating themselves from active duty and returning to Civilian life each and every year to face unique challenges in the job market. Where does this leave you? The challenges that Veterans face are the most unique of any demographic seeking jobs. Get My Vet a Job will ensure this transition into the civilian workforce is simple and easy.

You are not a statistic. You do not have to accept any "job". You can have the career you want, the salary you want, and be able to use the valuable experience from your years of active duty. Jobs are available for you, Get My Vet a Job will guide you through each step of the job hunting process. It is about a system that provides you with solutions to gain the employment you want and need. Getting a job is more than just finding an open position. It is about a system of how to write resumes, cover letters, video cover letters, resume blogs, and social media. It is about a system that provides you with solutions to gain the employment you want and need.

Benefits of Telecommuting

Telecommute jobs are not new to employers and select employees. However, over the past 10 years the growth of telecommute jobs has exploded. What was once reserved for executive level management is now commonplace for every position within a company.

If you never heard of telecommute jobs, there is another term for it: work from home jobs. However do not get confused, these telecommute jobs and work from home jobs are full-time and part-time W-2 positions. Another huge part? A telecommute position allows you to have work/life balance. There are many benefits to a telecommute position:

  • First and foremost, it allows you to expand your job search. In the past it was impossible to work for Apple, for example, unless you relocated; now they hire 100's of new employees for telecommute jobs.
  • For our Wounded Warriors and all Veterans, it allows you to set-up your office for the best possible work environment.
  • No more commute! Add hours to your week. Save on expenses by being able to work from home. Savings? Try between $2000 and $7000 a year you save, that is now working income! This does not include childcare costs!

Telecommute: Fact VS. Fiction

  • Q: "Aren't all Work from Home Jobs or Telecommute Jobs business opportunities, MLM, envelope stuffing or data entry?"A:Short answer absolutely not! Unfortunately, when people do a Google search on Work from Home or Telecommute often the marketers of these sort of programs come up. Why? Simple they know people are craving the ability to work from home. Get My Vet a Job ONLY deals with companies like Apple, Xerox, GE, American Express, and Humana. All companies are 100% vetted before they ever make our database
  • Q:"Telecommute Jobs or Work from Home Jobs are generally Entry Level or Customer Service type of jobs right?"A:Once again no. Although there are entry level positions as well as customer service positions. The Get My Vet a Job database has the largest variety of jobs on the internet. From Teachers, Accountants, Sales Professionals, Software Engineers, Technical Support, and Nursing positions. This is just a small list of the type of positions.
  • Q:"I am not a technical person, don't you have to be tech savvy to work a Telecommute job?"A: No way, in fact the overwhelming majority of positions are of the non-technical variety. To be connected to a company’s server and work, is a simple process of going through a VPN(Virtual Private Network). When hired, the company’s tech support team will get your computer set-up and you will be ready to go. If you can do email you can work remotely. No "Bill Gates" requirements for telecommute.
  • Q:"Aren't Telecommute jobs or Work from Home jobs temporary or contract only positions?"A:No, although those type of positions are available, in fact telecommute positions are the complete opposite. In our primary database all the jobs we list are W-2 positions. Either part-time or full-time. Remember, you are an employee of the company and receive all of the benefits as such.
  • Q:"Don't I have more Job Security by going to an office every day?" A:Actually it is 100% without question the other way around. As an employee, a telecommute employee you cost the company significantly less in operations, facilities, management, and "downtime". You are the most secure asset a company has. In fact, according to Inc. Magazine in May 2013, an employer saves on average over $11,000 per telecommute employee. So in downsizing time or cost setting measures you are more secure!
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